Specialist Advice

Technical Expertise & Advice

Envision has technical expertise to provide independent assessment and advice in a range of environmental spheres. We can provide advice in the following areas:

  • Ecological Surveys – baseline and targeted surveys of coastal and marine ecosystems.
  • Acoustic Surveys and Data Interpretation – habitat mapping and resource assessment.
  • Project Support – decision support, data analysis and presentation, quality assurance and assessment
  • Marine Planning – spatial assessment, analysis, modelling and stakeholder liaison.

Quality Management

Envision has a wealth of experience and familiarity with datasets collected for marine environmental and mapping purposes. Where it is required, Envision can ensure quality data is collected in the correct manner using appropriate standards or operation procedures. Data can also be analysed and checked to ensure the quality of the data and that it is fit for purpose and function. These quality assurance and control procedures provide a level of confidence in datasets and results which can remove ambiguity and confusion and allow best use of expensive datasets.

Decision Support

Envision thinks that it is important that decisions about the environment are made using a clear and transparent decision-making process and based on the best available evidence. We have designed various decision support tools that graphically present and guide decisions in a methodical and logical manner.

Data Communication & Presentation

Envision has produced a wide range of outputs from research and consultancy projects designed to communicate and disseminate science and environmental management to the public and policy and decision makers.  Drawings of marine life, habitats, processes or data can also be produced to illustrate concepts and enhance the presentation of information.

NMBAQC Video Ring Test

Envision were the component administrator

The NMBAQC’s Epibiota Video Ring Test Pilot was run over 2008 – 2009 and involved three tests and a concluding workshop. The final report, ring test reports and workshop proceedings from this video ring test pilot are available on the Epibiota Reports page.

In January 2010 participants from the Epibiota Video Ring Test Pilot were sent a questionnaire designed to assess existing video/stills analysis procedures in the UK.  Questionnaire results with a review of the current state of video/stills analysis procedures were published in June 2010.