Envision produces materials in support of coastal management and habitat mapping.  Please use the links and downloads below to access these materials.


External PDF Guidelines for the Conduct of Benthic Studies at Marine Aggregate Extraction Sites
External LinkEast Coast Regional Environmental Characterisation Project (REC)
External Link Developing New Ground-truthing Techniques for Seabed Mapping
External Link Biogenic Reefs & the Marine Aggregate Industry
External PDF Best Methods for Identifying & Evaluating Sabellaria spinulosa & Cobble Reef

MESHMapping European Seabed Habitats (MESH)

External Link Appropriate Use of Multi-beam & AGDS
External Link Use of Complementary Techniques for Habitat Mapping

External Link Case Studies                               External Link Confidence Assessment ToolExternal Link Survey Scoping Tool
External Link Guide to Habitat Mapping

SNH SNH Reports

Download PDF Predictive Mapping of MPA protected features within selected possible Nature Conservation MPAs
Download PDF Guidance on Survey and Monitoring in Relation to Marine Renewables Deployments in Scotland
Download PDF  Biotope Mapping & Survey of the Sullom Voe Candidate Special Area of Conservation
Download PDF  Biotope Mapping of the Sound of Harris, Scotland
Download PDF Sublittoral Biotope Mapping of the Moray Firth SAC (2009)
Download PDF  Biotope Mapping & Survey of the Treshnish Isles Candidate Special Area of Conservation


WFA- CPC “Protecting Our Seas” Reports

Download PDF Project Summary
Download PDF Severn Estuary Report
Download PDF  Cardigan Bay Report
Download PDF  Final Presentation


CefasCefas Reports

External Link  The Role of Seabed Mapping Techniques in Environmental Monitoring & Management
Download PDF  Ground-truthing Acoustic Surveys at Areas of Anthropogenic Impact


NMBAQCNational Marine Biological Association

Download PDFDevelopment of the NMBAQC Video Ring Test

Download PDFDevelopment of a Benthic Imagery Action Plan for the United Kingdom




External Link Mapping habitats and biotopes from acoustic datasets to strengthen the information base of Marine Protected Areas in Scottish waters                                                   External Link Mapping habitats and biotopes from acoustic datasets to strengthen the information base of Marine Protected Areas in Scottish waters – Phase 2 (Barra Fan and Hebrides Terrace Seamount Area)                               External LinkUnderstanding the Marine Environment                                     External Link Biological Data Interpretation of the Reef (Pobie Bank)                                      External Link Background document on Sabellaria spinulosa reefs               Download PDF Seabed Mapping Using Acoustic Ground Discrimination Interpreted with Ground Truthing                  Download PDF Central Fladen MPA Video Analysis Report                               Download PDFImage Analysis OptimisationDownload PDFMCZ Benthic Community Analysis



Others Others

External Link Development of a Methodology for the Quantitative Assessment of Ireland’s Inshore Kelp Resource

External Link Wild Seaweed Harvesting as a Diversification Opportunity for Fisherman

External Link FISP Project: Ecosystem Benefits of UK Oyster Farms


 Download PDF Broadscale Marine Mapping Project: Final report for the Crown Estate, NE, CCW & SNH

External Link Mapping the Marine Habitats of Morecambe Bay