Marine Planning

Spatial Data Analysis & Interpretation

Envision Mapping’s full capability in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and geospatial software allows specialist analysis to be carried out and complex combinations of physical, biological and socio-economic information to be interpreted and presented through easily understandable maps and illustrations for coastal and marine management needs.

Decision Support Tools

It is important that decisions about the environment are made using a clear and transparent decision making process and based on the best available evidence. Envision has designed various decision support tools that graphically present and guide decisions in a methodical, logical and justifiable manner.

Stakeholder Liaison

Envision can facilitate stakeholder participation in coastal management and the marine planning process through expert guidance and technical advice for the groups involved and communication between different sectors.

Marine Planning

Envision can use its expertise in data management and analysis to develop spatial models and analyses which can be combined and layered with other social, physical and temporal information. Used in conjunction with decision support tools this enables a multi-criteria approach with justifiable and transparent methods to help provide an evidence base for marine planning.

Decision Support

Maps can be very useful tools for spatial planning and assessment, but the user must always be aware of the level of confidence they can place in the map, and its limitations. For the Mapping European Seabed Habitats (MESH) project, Envision developed a ‘confidence tool’ to provide a systematic approach to assessing the quality of each of the methods and techniques involved in making the map, giving a score for each of these elements, and then finally for the overall map.a.