GIS & Mapping

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

GIS are used to store, manipulate and manage spatial datasets. Using GIS allows specialist analysis to be carried out and complex data sets to be presented through easily understandable maps and illustrations.

Habitat Mapping

Envision has been at the forefront of habitat mapping for many years, and has participated in national and international initiatives for developing and standardising protocols. We interpret survey data collected either by ourselves or externally and undertake mapping projects employing GIS modelling techniques. Our experience covers a range of marine habitats from temperate to tropical ecosystems.


Data models are built using existing and bespoke datasets within GIS and spatial analysis packages. These allow for complex relationships and interactions to be modelled and marine areas to be mapped and characterised for environmental, fisheries and spatial planning scenarios.

Mapping St. Pierre and Miquelon

Envision have mapped seabed habitats off the east coast of St Pierre & Miquelon down to 80m using AGDS and underwater video, to inform decisions on the ground suitable for seeding Atlantic Scallops as part of an aquaculture programme for the islands.