Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains the answers to many typical questions we have been asked about Envision and the services we offer. If you can’t find the answer to any questions you have here then please contact us and we shall do our best to provide an answer.


Q: Why should we choose to work with Envision?
A: Through our broad skill base and high levels of experience we are able to offer you a premium quality service: delivering better results for your project, on time and in budget.

Q: Does Envision currently have any vacancies?
A: If there are any vacancies within Envision, there will be a link on the homepage which will provide all the information you need. If not, and you still want to contact us, send in your CV and we will keep it on our records.

Q: What is Envision’s Environmental Policy?
A: Envision’s Environmental Policy can be viewed under our About Us section. 

Q: What are Envision’s company registration details?
A: Envision’s Company Registration details can be found in our Terms & Conditions page.

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Surveys and Mapping

Q: Why use Envision for marine habitat mapping?
A: Envision are a niche company, who have specialised in acoustic techniques for habitat mapping for many years, and therefore have a depth of experience and knowledge which is unavailable elsewhere.

Q: Does Envision specialise in any particular marine survey?
A: Envision specialise in marine acoustic and video surveys down to depths of around 120m.

Q: What are the likely costs for a marine habitat mapping survey?
A: Costs for marine survey are variable due to the many different factors involved for different areas and for different survey purposes.  Depending on the information needed, the location, what equipment is required, and the detail of the data requested, costs for a survey will vary.  Please contact us for a quote customised to your requirements.

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Data services

Q: We have recently been given access to datasets that we think might hold important information – can Envision help us to extract and present this?
A: Envision can help by assessing the type and quality of data available, use advanced geostatistical and processing techniques for analysis, GIS for presentation and spatial planning, modelling packages and other interactive tools to explore different scenarios or decision-making processes, or make the most of the data visually by using illustration or graphic design tools.  See ‘Data Services‘ to find out more, or contact us for specific advice.

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Specialist Advice

Q: We are involved with management of marine resources and want our management decisions to be clear and transparent for all stakeholders involved – can Envision help?
A: Envision has experience of assessing project management and can give specialist advice on strategies and approaches for achieving effective outcomes, and support this by creating interactive tools to guide decision-making in a logical and transparent manner.

Q: Our company might be held responsible for damage that has been done by a ship grounding on coral reefs – can Envision offer us some specialist advice?
A: Yes, Envision has done several environmental assessments of the impacts of ship groundings on coral reefs. Please get in touch with us to find out more.

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