Envision is an international environmental consultancy and research company, specialising in marine, coastal and seabed surveys and mapping along with spatial data services and decision support for marine developments, planning and coastal zone management. We deliver quality bespoke products and services to a wide variety of clients (from governments and NGOs to industry and the private sector) world-wide.

The considerable expertise and broad experience of Envision’s staff give the company a highly professional, flexible approach. With a distinctive capacity for rapid response, the company can provide surveys tailored to meet your specific needs. Contact Envision to find out what we can do for you.

Environmental Monitoring

Tropical Habitat Mapping & Assessment

Benthic Video Surveys

Seagrass Mapping

Offshore Wind

Coastal Mapping

Intertidal Monitoring

Marine Resource Assessment

Ship Grounding Assessment & Advice

Oil and Gas Environmental Surveys

Wave & Tidal Power
EIA & Advice

Kelp Resource Mapping