Data Analysis & Services

Envision supplies a range of data services for marine, spatial- and non-spatial data sets, which enable complex information to be easily interpreted and understood.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

GIS are used to store, manipulate and manage spatial datasets. Using GIS allows specialist analysis to be carried out and complex data sets to be presented through easily understandable maps and illustrations.

Data Visualisation

Using illustration and graphic design tools, data can be visualised using static graphical content, animated movies and 3D models, and interactive visualisation tools and presentations can be commissioned for web hosting or event displays.  Drawings of marine life, habitats, processes or data can also be produced to illustrate concepts and enhance the presentation of information.


Data models are built using existing and bespoke datasets within GIS and spatial analysis packages. These allow for complex relationships and interactions to be modelled and marine areas to be mapped and characterised for environmental, fisheries and spatial planning scenarios.

Quality Management

Envision has a wealth of experience and familiarity with datasets collected for marine environmental and mapping purposes. Where it is required, Envision can ensure quality data is collected in the correct manner using appropriate standards or operation procedures. Data can also be analysed and checked to ensure the quality of the data and that it is fit for purpose and function. These quality assurance and control procedures provide a level of confidence in datasets and results which can remove ambiguity and confusion and allow best use of expensive datasets.

Designing Efficient Sampling Campaigns

Envision can incorporate finer scale locally available data such as sidescan and multibeam data from geophysical surveys to segment areas into potentially different ground types within broad habitat classes to design efficient sampling campaigns. Above, sediment and seabed morphology were superimposed in a GIS to assist in the distribution of survey effort for the East Coast Regional Environmental Characterisation Program..